Semi finished material

Moulded tubes, rods and sheets in PEEK, PCTFE, PFA, UHMWPE, PTFE, TFM

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Post machining of plastc components according to your drawing

Injection Moulding

Precision injection moulding of PEEK components

State-of-the-art machinery

Custom presses

100% in-house production


If you require bespoke PFA or PCTFE rods for your system, Inno-Mould is happy to offer you the right expertise. We have been developing our PFA moulding techniques since 2001 and have realized various moulded products at an international level. At our company, you are always able to discuss your specific purposes, whether you need PFA or PCTFE rods, moulding or other components from high-performance materials.


The benefits of PFA and PCTFE rods

PFA and PCTFE extruded rods have an excellent chemical and mechanical resistance and as such can be used for many applications in various industries, such as moulding. Both materials can also withstand high temperatures, which makes them highly resistant to thermal degradation. For that reason, PFA and PCTFE are not only used to produce rods, but a plethora of other products as well. This includes ball valves (and their components) and various semi-finished PEEK products. All of which we at Inno-Mould can produce to your exact specifications.

Enjoy fast international delivery!

We offer you many possibilities when it comes to bespoke PFA and PCTFE rods and moulding other high-performance materials. Moreover, we guarantee you a fast international delivery and a complete in-house coordinated production, which ensures you of the best possible quality and a quick application of your components. We are happy to provide you with personal advice and more information about our moulding techniques when you contact us. Call +32 (0)3/755 37 30 or send an email to

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