PEEK ball valve seats

PEEK ball valve seats are a type of piping components that is able to control the flow in a pipeline or to shut it off. The valve seats, which are made of PEEK, are round shaped and are placed between the valve body and the ball. The body can be used to connect two or more pipe or tubing parts. Do you need PEEK ball valve seats or other components for ball valves which are part of your piping system? We are happy to provide you with a bespoke solution.

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PEEK ball valve seats

PEEK ball valve seats: some benefits of the material

PEEK is an abbreviation of Poly Ether Ether Ketone, a high-performance engineered thermoplastic. Because it is chemical and water resistant, and it can be perfectly exposed to hot water or steam, it is used for many engineering applications. Components of a ball valve, such as seats, are often made of PEEK and can be applied in various forms. Moreover, PEEK is an excellent alternative to fluoropolymers. For example, the abrasion resistance of PEEK is much higher than fluoropolymer (ball valve) seats. It is also a suitable material for tobacco processing applications, because it does not contain PTFE or PFA.

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PEEK ball valve seats