PEEK injection moulding

PEEK is a high-performance material which requires innovative moulding techniques, such as precision injection moulding, to produce a very precise (semi-)finished product, something which Inno-Mould excels at. Our family company has been expanding its expertise with regards to this technique since 2001 and always offers the best solutions for your (semi-)finished products. As such, you can rely on us for bespoke products and the most advanced moulding techniques that meet the specifications of your company, industry, and purpose.

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PEEK injection moulding

Why use PEEK for precision injection moulding?

PEEK – an abbreviation of Polyether Ether Ketone – is a commonly-used organic thermoplastic polymer for precision injection moulding for, among others, engineering applications and semi-finished products. The excellent chemical, water, mechanical and high-temperature resistance makes this material perfect for many applications in various industries. The automotive, aerospace, and chemical process industries are just a few of the many examples in which PEEK is applied. However, because PEEK, like other high-temperature resistant plastics such as PFA, is so tough, it requires precision injection moulding to mould it in the desired shape, which should be handled by an experienced company. After all, when the process temperatures do not meet the recommended ranges, the finished product’s mechanical properties can be compromised.

Let us injection mould your PEEK products

Thanks to our extensive expertise in precision injection moulding, we can produce high-quality PEEK products for a wide range of applications. Possible products include, but are not limited to:

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PEEK injection moulding