PEEK, PCTFE and PFA semi-finished products

As a specialist in PEEK, PCTFE and PFA semi-finished products, Inno-Mould operates for many companies in various industries at an international level. Since 2001, we have developed and applied innovative moulding techniques for plastic and elastomer materials. We have built a lot of experience in moulding semi-finished products from materials such as PEEK, PFA and other high-performance materials.

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PEEK tubes

PEEK, PCTFE and PFA semi-finished products for your industry

You can count on the experience and knowledge of our specialists when you require specific semi-products made from high-performance plastics, such as PFA and PEEK. One of the moulding methods we apply to produce PFA and PEEK semi-finished products, is precision injection moulding. This is a technique which we have developed over the years in a very advanced way. We are capable of moulding the following materials:

Thanks to our wide variety of tools, we can offer optimal combinations of inner and outer diameter for compression moulded billets. These semi-finished products are specially designed for high-temperature and high-pressure moulding, mainly for PEEK, modified PEEK BG4330 and special compounds in PEEK. We are starting from Victrex® 450 powder and make our own compounds with several fillers like PTFE, graphite, carbon fiber and glass fiber.

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When you want to receive more information about or moulding methods to produce PEEK and PFA semi-finished products, we are happy to provide you with personal advice and answer all your questions. This also counts for specific products like coupling gaskets, CNC-machined parts, thermoset moulding products and many more. A cooperation with Inno-mould ensures you quality, safety, efficiency and the application of the latest innovative techniques. Contact us by calling +32 (0)3 / 755 37 30 or sending an email to

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