PEEK tubes

Do you require bespoke PEEK tubes for your system or are you looking for a bespoke PE tube? Either way, Inno-Mould offers you the right expertise. We have been fine-tuning our moulding techniques since 2001 and have realized various moulded products at an international level. Do not hesitate to tell us your specific wishes and purpose. Regardless of whether you need PEEK tubes, a PE tube or other components from high-performance materials, our experts will deliver the desired result.

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PEEK tubes

The benefits of PEEK tubes

PEEK tubes have an excellent chemical and mechanical resistance and can be used for many applications in various industries. These products can also withstand high temperatures, which makes them highly resistant to thermal degradation. For that reason, Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) is not only applied to the production of tubes, but also to the production of many other products, such as ball valves (and their components), PEEK bearings, and many different semi-finished products. PEEK tubes are a perfect alternative for, for example, stainless steel tubing in high pressure applications. The flexibility of these tubes makes it possible to easily cut them into the required lengths for your specific systems.

PE tubes for a range of applications

Besides PEEK, Inno-Mould can also produce a bespoke tube made from PE or polyethylene. Using injection moulding, we can produce a tube of the desired dimensions made from high-density PE. Thanks to its excellent moisture resistance, PE is the best suitable material to produce tubes, pipes, and hoses. Moreover, a PE tube enjoys high- strength, good corrosion- and chemical resistance, which makes it suitable for use in municipal, industrial, marine, mining, landfill, and agricultural applications.

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We offer you many possibilities when it comes to bespoke PEEK tubes, a PE tube and other thermoset moulded high-performance materials. We guarantee you a fast international delivery and a complete in-house production, which ensures you the best possible quality and a quick application of your components. We are happy to provide you with personal advice and more information about our moulding techniques when you contact us. Call +32 (0)3 / 755 37 30 or send an email to