Thermoset moulding

Inno-Mould is happy to provide you with professional thermoset moulding services, in which we harden polymer constructions in the shape you require. Since 2001, our company has provided a wide variety of clients with polymer and elastomer solutions. Keeping your industry, company, and purpose in mind, we can produce the perfect, bespoke product for you. Discover the various possibilities that our expert thermoset moulding company offers you.

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Thermoset moulding

Creating bespoke parts through thermoset moulding

Using several techniques, including injection moulding, we can produce very complex thermoset parts, even with combined thin and thick wall sections. Depending on the part shape, volume of production and other parameters, we can choose between various methods to provide our customers with the best quality result. Below you can find some examples of products we have manufactured using thermoset moulding techniques:

  • Machine components in BMC polyester or phenolic
  • Valve bodies in polyester or vinyl ester
  • Bearing bushes made from phenolic plastic for high wear resistance up to 250 °C.

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Thermoset moulding